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Meet Our Vendors

Readings, Services, & Products

Eric Webster                             Booth #17
Lifestyle Engineer
616-259-0204, 616-291-2398

Eric Webster delivers Channelled messages from your Akashic Record.  The Record is a treasure-trove of powerful, potentially life changing information. It contains complete record of your soul: everything you’ve ever been, are, or will be. Everything you’ve done, said, thought (or will). It can be very eye opening to discover the roots of what is going on in your current life.  Many clients explore life direction questions, romantic relationships, interpersonal relationships, careers and so much more.In consultation with your Record Keepers, you and Eric will delve into the areas of your life where new ideas, insights or direction might be beneficial. Eric’s readings tend to be fast paced, fun and powerful.  It is not uncommon for ancestors to weigh in, or versions of you from prior lifetimes, especially when they have specific input about the roots of situations or best. Eric is a Grand Rapids, MI based Lifestyle Engineer/Hypnotherapist.  His international certifications allow him to work with clients helping them to achieve greater outcomes in their lives. Some of his areas of specialization are weight loss, smoking cessation, academic performance, pain management and many, many more.


Eric Webster.jpeg
pic - Rushi2_edited.jpg

Ruchi's Tarot                          Booth #33


I am an empath and an intuitive tarot card reader. This helps me tap into the emotions and energies of other people. I then use my tarot and oracle decks as a divination tool to bring you messages that you need to hear in that moment. I also specialize in relationship readings by tapping into you and your partner's energies. The future, just like your present energy, is not set in stone. I cannot predict the future, but, I use my skills to answer your questions using several tarot and oracle decks. I also use my pendulum to answer specific yes/no questions, as well as what crystals might you most benefit from to better align your chakras. The goal is to bring you peace and clarity through my insightful and intuitive guidance, guide you along your journey, and help you step further into your authentic self. 

Susan McGraw                                 Booth #15

Psychic Medium & Career / Business Strategist

Divine Inspiration is at work in your personal and professional life every day. If you allow yourself to hear the messages, you will be guided through your life's journey.  ​​Susan McGraw is a highly intuitive channel for spirit, assisting others to hear the messages available to them. She combines psychic skills, expertise as an Intuitive Strategist, and more than 25 years of experience as a business coach and consultant, to support her clients in addressing job, career, or business concerns.  In a reading with Susan, she will help you align Divine Inspiration with concrete action to transform your professional life.   

Susan McGraw headshot 2.jpg
Ruth Wilson.jpg

Ruth Wilson                                    Booth #27

Clairvoyant Coach

I use my psychic knowing to help you create a life you really like.  I help you answer questions, align with your desires, make decisions and take right actions.  I perceive your situation in a way that brings hidden factors to light so you can clear them and create results you desire.  I mainly access psychic knowledge from my higher self, based on your energy. I have been trained to avoid personal bias in my readings. My intention is to provide you with information or validation which best supports you and your intentions.

Pic - Candace.jpg

Lady Vharsen                  Booth #16

ISAR Certified Astrologer


I will offer natal chart analysis, lunation predictions, personalized daily horoscopes, electional astrology, solar returns, lunar returns and astrocartography.  You have questions?  Astrology has answers!

Elizabeth Boener                      Booth #28

The Healing SOULutions


I am an Access Bars Facilitator and Access Facelift Practitioner from Lafayette, IN.  That means you can come see me before or after the fair at Sunshine Yoga and Wellness and not have to wait for the next fair.  Access Bars are 32 points on the head that, when lightly touched by a practitioner, release all the stuck areas that have been holding you back.  Access Bars can change many aspects of your body and life, including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, ADD, OCD, ASD, PTSD, and so much more.  Access Facelift is the same light touch as Access Bars with a different area of focus.  It boosts the body’s natural healing process with the added benefits of reversing signs of aging.  I can’t say enough about these two processes nor can I describe them as anything other than melty and magical.  Come experience it for yourself with a mini-session and then get signed up for a full session and watch your life change.

Elizabeth B- pic_edited.jpg
PICTURE - AnnetteBruchu.jpg
Annette Aura Picture1.jpg

Aura Photos by Annette         Booth #30

What Color is Your Aura?! Everyone has one and knowing your specific Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships, and for self-discovery. Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career and relationship choices, and to give remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose, creating a healthier you!  As a nationally-known visionary, medium, psychic, intuitive healer and author, Annette Bruchu enjoys mentoring and helping people learn about who they are and empowering them to be true to themselves and their birth color. Annette utilizes her Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System to capture the frequency of your energy, so you are able to see your energy field displayed live and in color on a computer screen before your photo is captured and a multi-page report of the true meaning of your energy field is printed out. With the information provided in the report, along with additional insight from Annette, you will find out what the specific colors and energy frequencies in your Aura say about You!  To discover your true colors, visit our booth, Aura Photos by Annette, and see for yourself what your Aura says about You!

Pic - Daniel hardt.jpg

Daniel Hardt, JD                               Booth #4
Life Path Numerology Center, 
Indianapolis, IN

Daniel is a best-selling author, teacher and writer. He has taught numerology classes in Texas, California, Nevada, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana. His "Daily Numeroscopes" have been distributed worldwide for more than 25 years. He became a full time professional numerologist following careers in law and sales. For the past 30 years, he has provided business and personal consultation using the numbers and his experience as a base. He has found fulfillment in teaching, writing and counseling. Through his own experience he is now ready, willing, and able to help you to take charge of your own life through a deeper understanding of your true self.

mystic blackbird logo.jpeg

Mystic Blackbird Gems: Crystals, Jewelry, & Spells.  Booth #11

Specializing in crystals, rocks, minerals, and jewelry. We offer raw, cut, polished,  and carved rocks, crystals, and stones. Some of our quartz are hand-mined by us from beautiful Mt. Ida. We also have a large variety of handmade jewelry incorporating our beautiful rocks and crystals. The rocks we buy are picked for the energy they hold and supply as we hope to pass on these wonderful healing properties to our customers. Because our focus is energy and energy healing we also offer grids, chakra sets, and tuning forks. 

Angelica Kokkalis, O.M.D L.Ac.               Booth #2 * 765 497-0817

Dr. Kokkalis, a dedicated doctor with more than 25 years of experience, uses acupuncture to treat a wide range of neurological disorders, chronic pain management, psychiatric disorders, and addiction recovery. In her private practice, she offers Traditional Chinese Medicine, individualized herb medicine formulas based on diagnosis, and a variety of treatment options utilizing the HANS stimulator with acupuncture and other modalities. 

Dr. Angelica.jpeg
Dr. Angelica 2.jpeg
Geri Breen (5).jpg

Geri Breen                      Booth #12

Geri is a spirit artist and medium. Geri began her formal studies to become an evidential medium in 2015, after the experience of losing her son. His passing led her to explore her own spiritual development. Along the way, Geri discovered her talent for mediumistic portraiture, the ability to sketch images of those in spirit. Today, Geri provides services in spirit portraiture and mediumship readings.

Karina Bauer                Booth #29

Just Sage It Co

Selling Spiritual and Aromatherapy Personal Care and Home Products

Just Sage It.png
Calm Waters logo.png

Calm Waters Float Therapy       Booth #21

Owners Devin & Allie Paschen

Float Packages, Gift Cards, and Info on our Services!

Pic - Kris Largson2.JPG

Kris Larson                          Booth #9
Juice Plus+ Health Educator
(317) 345-7932

I am an Affiliate Partner with Juice Plus+, a global health and wellness company with a mission to inspire healthy living around the world. I provide education and resources for developing a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition habits and I provide simple options to fill the nutritional gaps between what we do eat and what we should eat. Juice Plus+ is whole food, plant-based nutrition in capsules, chewables, shakes and snack bars. With our Healthy Starts for Families program, kids can get their fruits and veggies free. To grow your own fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies, our Tower Garden is the perfect option. It is a vertical, aeroponic system for gardening indoors or outdoors, all year long. Our Affiliate Partner program is a wonderful option for someone wanting to earn extra income or start a new career in the health and wellness market.

Dave Smith                 Booths #22 & #23

Natural Inspirations

At Natural Inspirations, we offer a wide range of products including lighted fairy lanterns, fairy and dragon statues, minerals, crystals, sage, incense, back-flow incense burners, sterling silver jewelry, amethyst cathedrals, spheres, selenite and much more.

Natural Inspirations - logo from FB.png

CosmicKandy (Kandy Kendall)             Booth #14

Certified Medium & Tarot Reader

I am a certified medium with a love for tarot readings as well. My readings consist of laying down tarot cards to connect with your energy and give you guidance on day to day matters. I also will bring in your loved ones from the spirit world. I have been professionally reading tarot for three decades while I continue to develop and connect with spirit.  I became an ordained minister from Progressive Spiritualist Church in 2017.

AuraTwins, LLC                   Booth #5

Aura Readings & Color Healings

AuraTwins LLC provide Aura Readings and Color Healings with love! We're Carrie and Jeremy, a twin-flame, intuitive power-couple, and together we'll use our gifts and skills with energy to see your Aura color and dominant chakra energy center. Each participant will receive an intuitive card pull describing their specific Aura color shade and message. We'll then provide a mini-sound bath (using our quartz crystal singing bowls and Solfeggio tubes) and color interpretation. You will leave with customized tips to tune your frequency and discover if your energy center is underactive, balanced, or overactive. Learning about your Aura and your specific energy frequency will help you embrace your natural strengths as well as give yourself grace and grounding in your shadows and imbalances. Thank you, and we can't wait to "see" you!

Pic - Aura Twins.jpg
Pic - aura twins2.jpg

Dr. Samantha Kreinbring           Booth #24

Goble Heal Chiropractic


Dr. Samantha Kreinbring is a Gonstead chiropractor who has been working in the Lafayette area since 2018. She provides specific chiropractic adjustments to community members of any age though Dr. Samantha's heart is in helping expecting mothers through their pregnancies. A thorough examination and analysis of each patient enables her to tailor their care through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments to support her patient's health goals. She is excited to provide mini-massages at this year's health fair - people can do so much in a day, taking 5 minutes out of one's day for a massage is worth the time! This is her first year attending this fair and looks forward to being around people who appreciate the absolute healing power of our bodies. She works on the south-side of Lafayette at Renew Health Chiropractic where we "Help people heal, naturally."

Allison M. Morgan                             Booth #1
The Blue Lotus Enlightened Energy Healing


Allison practices the healing arts in West Lafayette, Indiana. Allison uses a multi-modality approach of energy healing, and a wide variety of methods to assist you in your healing journey and support your spiritual growth and overall mindfulness. Allison uses high vibrational energy tools such as crystals, color therapy, singing bowls, tuning forks, dowsing, and meditative visualization exercises to assist in raising your frequency and helping you feel better overall.

Arn Selfie.jpg

Arnold Ward                         Booth #13

Arnold Ward Studio

Few organic materials have the versatility and beauty of wood.  The variety of trees across the globe provide for variations in patterns, colors, hardness and strength.  Each species of wood has its own personality, its own spiritual healing properties, and its own energetic voice. Arnold loves working with wood.  Feeling the finish and seeing the variations of grain and color, the finished artwork embodies the natural beauty of the wood. Arnold has been a wood artist for over 20 years, focusing primarily on the wood lathe, making round artwork, such as platters, bowls, candlesticks, jewelry and a variety of both artistic and functional pieces.  He hopes to share his artwork with those who appreciate nature, both physically and spiritually, and want the benefits of having it close.  

Mandie Simpson           Booth #3

Purple Phoenix Jewelry

Mandie creates beautiful bracelets, necklaces, hand-knotted meditation malas, and more using the healing goodness of crystals and natural stones, intention, Reiki, and tons of love. She is available to help you find the perfect piece to aid you in your journey or to help you find the perfect gift for those you love.

Pic - Mandie Simpson.jpg
Beckie Neff.png

Beckie J Neff – Artist & Writer            Booth #19

I have heard the whispers of Angels in my ear for as long as I can remember, and since 2000 when I began to pray before I paint, those whispers help guide me when I create. I eventually realized that I could create unique painting pieces for individuals, Healing Pathway Portraits and Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides. It is a specialty I am honored to use in helping others find Love and Healing in this ever changing and challenging world. I will be offering a limited number of in person sessions for live paintings at this event. And I will also be taking commission orders for Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides. I have sold and shipped my art globally for 22 years. My art booth will offer Original Art, signed Fine Art Prints of 300 plus paintings, Mirrors, Magnets, Coasters, bookmarks and Healing Love Seeds©. I am looking forward to my first ever show outside of my home state of Ohio.

Karen Lewis           Booth #19

Creative Healing Designs Jewelry & Art

In 1999, Karen tragically lost her son and began to turn to jewelry making as a way to help her cope with deep grief. But as time moved forward, Karen realized creating was a tool for healing, and also brought joy to thousands of others. For the last 23 years, Karen Lewis has created unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry, using semi-precious stones. Her wonderful way of using the stones and colors allows anyone to find the perfect pair of earrings or necklaces to add that special touch to any outfit or personal style.

pic - Karent lewis.png
JulieHirt and her dog Lukas.jpg

Julie Hirt             Booth #10

Julie Hirt, founder of Julie Hirt Intuitive, is a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Certified Heart Animal Soul Professional Communicator, Animal Medium and Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach®. She is a co-host of The Animal Communication Podcast on, Apple and Spotify as well as the author of “See Yourself As The Animals See You: A Guide to Trusting Your Animal.” She will be offering 15-minute Animal Communication readings at the upcoming Absolute Light Holistic Fair on May 4, 2024. You can reserve your reading at the Expo now by contacting her through her website: She looks forward to meeting you and connecting to your pets!

Susan Hill       Booth #6

Mojo Hand Studio

Susan is a self-taught artist who works in pretty much any medium she can get her hands on. You'll find textile art, mixed media paintings, and jewelry along with some other things that refuse to fall into any category. There are creations that are fun, pretty, interesting, unique, and (most of the time) sparkly.

Susan Hill - 2024.jpg

Amos Snider                  Booth #20

The Four Cups, 502-321-2111

Amos is a medical intuitive who has a passion for sharing his gifts to help his clients break through blocks, dissolve old patterns, reduce stressors and co-create a path to a healthier and happier life.  Amos comes from a lineage of doctors and found his path to healing work when he lost his father in 2003. From his grief, he sought solace in deep contemplative practices leading to a life altering Kundalini experience. This experience unlocked his innate ability to read human body systems and support the re-balancing and re-aligning of the emotional, physical and energetic systems toward wellness. As a medical intuitive, Amos has the ability to tap into the body’s subtle energy, gain an overview of the body’s mental, emotional and physical state, identity blocks, stressors, nutrient deficiencies and work with you to bring your body systems back into balance and alignment.

Pic - Amos.jpeg
Pic - Amythist Spa Logo.jpg

Karen Melichar, Owner            Booths #31 & #32

Amethyst Heart Wellness Spa

Hello beautiful souls! My team and I provide a variety of services and products. We offer Massage, Esthetics of Skincare and Waxing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Vibrational Sound Therapy. We offer weekly Sound Baths and host a Rock and Crystal shop in our lobby. We are excited to be a part of this year’s Absolute Light Holistic Fair and will be offering Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Chakra Balancing, as well as an assortment of Rocks and Crystals to purchase! 

Derek Stottlemyer        Booth #26

(248) 635-8216

Discover Your Inner Source of Power and Joy with Licensed Avatar Master Derek Stottlemyer. Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, The Avatar Course awakens you to a natural ability to create and discreate beliefs. With these skills, you redesign your life according to a blueprint that you determine.  Derek is also the founder of - an online resource to help the world connect with psychics, energy workers, and the spiritual community - and will have information for both practitioners and the public.

pic - Derek 2 -Logo.png
Pic - derek.jpg
Pic - Brian Eastman.jpg

Brian Eastman              Booth #18

Brian and Phyllis, Masters of LIIFT UnTherapy and Holy Fire Reiki respectively, will introduce you to many forms of Energy Healing. They bring with them Health-Improving equipment from around the world. And you also have the opportunity to experience their personal healing methods: Holy Fire Reiki and LIIFT UnTherapy.

Doreen Santina Cote                  Booth #17

Spiritual Channel, Medium, Light Worker

Lightwave Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Akashic Records Reader, 248-249-7553,

Doreen began her Spiritual Journey in 1994 and has been channeling since 2005.  She channels Spirit, allowing spirit to speak through her, taking on their mannerisms, speech, and traits.  Spirit may be an Angel, Ascended Master, or someone who's passed.  Doreen is attuned to Lightwave Energy-Infusion.  This new energy technique allows her to transcend linear space and time to assist others on their journey into higher consciousness.  For each reading, Doreen centers herself in Divine space.  The energy that comes through is for the client. Each session is unique as she calls upon Spirit to enter for both our highest good and highest intention. 

Robin “Energy Artizen” Fivecoat          Booth #25

Akashic Artizen

Three services are offered. Take a quantum tuning fork tour with Robin as your guide. 1) Tuning forks chime open the 5D portals as Robin channels your higher dimensional experiences to you. 2) Strengthen your halo with 3 octaves of Om tuning forks. This experience brings improved sleep, clarity of mind, and a profound sense of peace and joy. 3) Self-discovery through palmistry. Find out about your career, love life, strengths, and more. For over a decade, Robin has held extensive professional, metaphysical services. She is a Certified Spiritual and Tuning Fork Coach plus Tuning Fork Practitioner, among other certifications. Since childhood, she has been interested in everyone’s experiences with energy. Come share yours!

Pic - Robin Fivecoat.jpg

Jay Bilunas                                     Booth #8

Be Do Live Wellness;; 317-409-6070

Jay Bilunas owns Be Do Live Wellness, a name inspired by the concept of "Be Do Have." At Be Do Live Wellness, our focus is on the progression from being to doing to living well. By prioritizing these three aspects, we can lead healthier lives.  Juggling multiple roles, including running my marketing/design business Angry Ape Creative, teaching at Ivy Tech, and managing Be Do Live Wellness, keeps me busy. Despite the hectic schedule, helping others remains my priority. In my design business, I assist clients with marketing, branding, and websites, while also sharing my wellness journey. Two products, BEMER and Juice+ (part of Kris Larson's Team), have significantly improved my life. We'll showcase BEMER at our booth for you to explore firsthand. Ultimately, my passion lies in supporting others. Whether it's through design work, teaching, or promoting wellness, I'm dedicated to sharing what I've learned for the benefit of others.

Deanna Morae            Booth #7

ReZENergize Sanctuary

ReZENergize Sanctuary is a wellness center. We have a 24-unit Energy Enhancement System (EES) that provides Scalar Waves and Biophotonics that help the body to detox and heal itself. You just have to sit in the room and relax while the EES bathes your body in healing energy.  We also offer other modalities of healing in our center such as the Bemer & Biomat.

See you on May 4th at the 
Absolute Light Holistic Fair 2024!  

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